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Emergency replacement of HDD's on C22DS (Scheduled) Critical

Affecting Server - c22ds

  • 14/01/2021 22:00 - 15/01/2021 22:30
  • Last Updated 15/01/2021 10:43

The HDD's (SSD Hard Drives) need replacing on C22DS to ensure quality and integrity of the server. 

A period up to 30min on 14th January 2021 starting at 10:00pm AEDT the system will have one of the hard drives replaced, once the data has been replicated a further window will be needed to repeat with another drive in the unit. 

This notice will be updated during the scheduled event. 


--UPDATE 10:12PM-- The scheduled time has been reached, update should come shortly. 

--UPDATE 10:13PM-- Technicians are working on the server now. 

--UPDATE 6:18AM-- First drive has been replaced and the second drive is rescheduled to be replaced 15th Jan at 10:00pm.

--UPDATE 10:42AM-- Scheduled time changed to 11:00pm due to a timetable overlap. 


Backup Cluster Upgrade (Scheduled) Medium

Affecting System - Backup Cluster

  • 20/01/2021 00:00
  • Last Updated 14/01/2021 11:22

I am upgrading my Backup Servers to double my backup capacity.

Whilst there is enough capacity at the moment this is to plan for future expansion in the works. 

Currently waiting on an ETA from the datacentre staff for when this can be actioned. 

I will update this when a more precise date and time is locked in. 

The upgrade will not affect users experience.