Routing problem for some IP's connecting (Reported)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - c2s3-ds
  • There has been a reported problem that has been confirmed where server c2s3-ds has issues connecting between some iPrimus/Vodafone and Optus customers.

    The problem was originally reported Friday and affected all servers but whilst the problem was soon resolved on the other servers this server c2s3-ds appears to be still having issues with a routing problem.

    The fault has been reported to the providers and is currently still listed as being investigated.

    Thank you for your patience.


    The problem is outside of the data centre so the only way to work around this problem is to change the IP addresses of those clients affected.

    This will be done this evening of the 27th Feb and morning of the 28th Feb 2017.

    Due to it being outside of my control (of where the fault exists) this is the only option that I am able to perform in order to resolve the connectivity problem some users are experiencing.

  • Date - 24/02/2017 16:00
  • Last Updated - 27/02/2017 17:54