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What are the steps involved in transfering my .au domain? Print

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Transfering a domain isn't magical but in most cases happens smoothly
this document covers the scinerio when it does not.

Step 1: Domain transfer requested via Direct Support Transfer form or transfer request when signing up or via partner transfer request form.

Step 2: Direct Support staff will check your account details to make sure you have valid contact details so that the domain transfer can happen.

Step 3: Upon submitting your transfer request on your behalf an email will be sent to the designated email address of the owner of the domain according to the details in the AUDA database for that domain.

Step 4: Read and respond to the above email from TPP Internet acting on behalf of Direct Support for the transfer.

After 3 days that our registrar receives your transfer approval the domain will be active, this is due to AU policy conditions.

 After 30 days if you have failed to approve the transfer the transfer is revoked and a new transfer request has to be established.



What happens if I do not receive the transfer request email?


Q) How do I check what email address is registered to the domain name?

A) Go to and enter in the domain name and verification code to view the email address assigned to the domain.

Q) What happens if the email address is wrong or you do not have access to the email address associated with the domain?

A) You can either use the AU Transfer Authorization form here or go to and enter in the domain name and verification code and click on the link at the bottom fo changing the contact email address.

Q) What happens if I don't know my .au domain auth password?

A) Go to and enter in the domain name and verification code to request the auth code to be sent to the email address listed on that page.

Q) The email address is right, the auth code is right why arn't I receiving the email?

A) This could be because of a number of things:

  • 1) Email settings at the server or your end.
  • 2) Email address spelt incorrectly.
  • 3) Antivirus blocking the email.
  • 4) Mail program putting the email in your junk folder.
  • 5) Email discarded by spam software.

At any time you can request Direct Support staff to resend your request for transfer email please use the contact us page to request this.

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