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Sending emails is done through SMTP protocol using Authentication.

SMTP uses port 25 or port 8888 (some providers block port 25 to stop spam)

Web eMail uses port 2095 ***

Squirrel Mail uses port 2095 ***

Horde Mail uses port 2095 ***

RoundCube uses port 2095 ***


Receiving emails can be done through the following:

POP3 *

Mail downloaded from server option to be kept on server.


Mail kept on server.

Web eMail uses port 2095 ***

Squirrel Mail uses port 2095 ***

Horde Mail uses port 2095 ***

RoundCube uses port 2095 ***

Exchange (Microsoft Product)

Mail for your domain forwarded to your Mail server on your premesis.

MailServer (Alternative product to Exchange)

Mail for your domain forwarded to your own Mail server on your premesis.

Secondary / Mail Backup Service

Mail kept on our servers in the event of your connection being too slow or unable to be reached when emails are being delivered.
Once your server is back online and functioning correctly on TCP port 25 the emails will be delivered.


Devices supported:

Personal Computers (PC)





Tablet PC's

Mac Computers

Mac Laptops



* When collecting emails via Direct Support you have the option to use Spam Blocking but Virus Detection is enabled by default.

*** To access your email through an Internet Browser please go to your domain name followed by /webmail/
ie. Domain dshost.com.au would be www.dshost.com.au/webmail to access emails.

Remember to make sure that the computer you are using has the latest anti-virus.

Wanting to setup your own mail server in your own office but don't know how?

We can customize an installation guide to help your staff and technicians setup and manage your very own mail server.

You don't have to use the backup mail service if you don't have connection issues but it is optional if you want
that piece of mind knowing that when your server is down for any length of time that another server will be
collecting your mail and pass it on when you are back online.

Basic requirements:

* 512k ADSL
* 1GB spare memory
* Windows XP/Vista/7 or Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server
* 2GB spare storage
* Technician / Staff with moderate technical experience.**
* Fixed IP address or DynamicDNS service
* TCP Port 25 must be open for connections and your internet connection must respond to pings.
* Your IP must not be listed in RBL as black listed.

(Ask for us to test your IP to see if it is already black listed.)

** If you are not able to install this softare a remote installation service will be available from Bond I. T.


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