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Your domain name purchase is like a licence to own that domain name for a set period of time.  Then renew near the end of that period to extend the licence to a further period.  This is typically 2 years for a .com.au domain and can vary for other domain extensions such as .com. 

Some services that a hosting provider includes as part of your hosting package of with the use of your licenced domain name.

  • Exposes your domain name on the internet and points it to their servers.

This means that when someone types www. yourdomain.com.au it would point their internet provider to the hosting server.

  • Allocates storage space for your website, emails and storage.

This means that the files that make up your website reside on a hosting server under a folder specific to your website so that when people want to access www. yourdomain.com.au that it actually get your website coming up and not someone elses.

This also means that when someone emails you at yourname@ yourdomain.com.au that it goes to a storage mail box on the hosting server and waits till you retrieve it.

If you need more storage space then you are able to upgrade to an account with more capacity or buy more storage space.

  • Allocates you with bandwidth traffic.

This means that when someone sends you an email that is 1 MB in size when recieved by the hosting servers that the 1 MB is subtracted from your monthly allowance.

This also means that when someone accesses a webpage on your website that includes graphics this could be as high as 350 KB which is subtracted from your monthly allowance.

If you exceed your bandwidth most hosting providers will offer you the choice of upgrade packages or to buy extra bandwidth.  We offer both.


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