I'm receiving so much spam what can I do about this?

If you are receiving spam email then you have several thing you can do.

The first would be to go into your cPanel and go down to SpamAssassin and you have a few options you can choose.

  1. Enable SpamAssassin
  2. Spam Auto Delete should be enabled
  3. Score should be set between 4 and 6 (4 being weaker detection)

For advanced users you can use the Configure SpamAssassin but we recomend only using this if you know what you are doing.

In the email program you use to collect email enable Junk Mail filters.

Optionally you can install Spam protection software that installs onto your PC which further blocks more spam mail.

As a preventative measure never provide a link directly to your email address on your website, instead use contact forms.


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