10 great ways to improve any WordPress website in plain english!

  • Thursday, 15th October, 2015
  • 16:16pm
You have a great website that is based on the content management system called WordPress.

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Here is our top 10 recommendations to all WordPress website owners.

1) Backup - don't leave it too long between backing up your website, a lot of businesses wait until they have lost everything before thinking about backing up their website.

2) Update - the internet as a medium is fast paced and a lot of businesses who do not update their web page content find they get less and less responses over time.

3) Webmaster - if you don't have the skill to update WordPress and plugins then hire someone to be your webmaster, it's a great investment if you don't understand the jargon and need someone to treat your website with care.

4) Mobile Audience - a lot of businesses are not taking advantage of mobile phone support (iOS/Android/MS) search engines have been known to put a mobile friendly website ahead of a non mobile friendly websites.

5) Contact details - giving a sales speech then forgetting to invite the person to contact you is pointless.  Don't rely on someone digging through your website to find out how to contact you instead put it somewhere very visible and hopefully in the same place on each page of your website near the top.

6) Easy Passwords - never use simple passwords.  If you have used a simple password and your WordPress website has been running for years then have a webmaster investigate your security software in your website.

7) Spam Protection - you built a "contact us" form and it's used by spam bots more than genuine visitors then it's time to install some spam protection in your form.

8) Test your contact form - a lot of contact forms out there no longer work when the visitor is using a domain that has domain protection turned on.   

9) Copywriting - it's a great resource for getting your point across.  The job of a copywriter is to think about your business from a customer's perspective and change your words around to make the greatest impact with the least words. Time is money and if your web page requires too much reading then you may be losing money from potential sales that go back to their search results before reading how fantastic you are at doing what you do.

10) Call to Action - have you ever heard of the term?   It's a statement that you are putting to every visitor of the next action that you want them to take.  It might be as simple as "Ring now!" or inviting to a special deal.   Imagine if a customer walked into your business and you forgot to tell them what you want from them?   

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