Idiots guide to Domain Names

A domain is a block of text that best describes your business, product or service, this can be words or abbreviations.

Domain names are unique, so if someone else has that domain name you cannot register that domain name as-well.

To purchase a domain through Direct Support or transfer your domain to Direct Support use this page

Will I get assistance when purchasing or transferring my domain?  Yes.

What exactly am I purchasing when it says purchase a domain name?  A license to use and control that domain for a set period of time.

Does this mean my domain will be accessible on the internet?  No, domain names are separate to hosting but hosting needs a domain name, so for your domain to work you will need a hosting account also.

Can I get help in choosing a domain name? Yes.

How many domains should I purchase?  When domain names were $250+ to purchase it was impracticable to purchase more than 1 domain but now it is more affordable. 

Company Name XYZ Inc sells Fish Lures and is based on Sydney.

Domain Suggestions:


In this example you can see how one domain could be used for a website about the company and another domain could be used about the product or product and location.

Where can I find out information about my domain name?

Where can I recover my domain registry key?

Where can I go to find out if a domain already exists?

Should I have a .com or  If you are an Australian based Business then you should have a first, if you want to have the .com equivalent that is recommended if it is available but not necessary.


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