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Remote Support (1)
Files required for accessing our remote support service.
Transfering files over the internet (2)
Programmes to assist you in downloading and uploading files and sending files over the internet.

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Team Viewer - Quick Support Client (exe)
This is a Windows remote support client program. It will not write to your registry and is Windows compatible. Please contact our support department after you have run the program to create a support job booking or if you have been instructed by support to install this already please notify the staff member of "Your ID" and "Passcode". Remote support is billed at $44 per 30minute blocks.
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Promo brochure
Standard promo
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Authorization form when transfering a domain
When there is a problem transfering your domain please use this form to continue the transfer process, please note that TPP Internet is our Domain Registrar partner.
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FileZilla - GNU/GPL - Freeware - v